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Our Governors

Mrs Lynsey Holzer - Chair

Mrs Holzer is our longest serving governor.  She is the Headteacher of a large primary school in Suffolk and offers valuable support to the staff and children at Glebeland.

Lynsey is a member of the School's Curriculum and Development Committee and has a son who attends Glebeland.

Lynsey can be contacted at:  chair@glebelandschool.org

Mrs Louise Dougherty

Louise is one of our newest governor members but her expertise and committment to the school has already been invaluable particularly with the Academy process.  Louise is currently Head of Art at a local High School but before coming to the area she and her husband, also a senior teacher, taught in a school that was underyaking conversion to an academy.  Her support and guidance through the process has been a huge help.

Louise's son currently attends Glebeland and she has another little boy who will be starting with us in September and a little girl who will join us in a couple of years time.

Louise can be contacted at l.dougherty@glebelandschool.org

Mr Peter Lambert

Peter has been a member of the board of governors for several years.

He has extensive experience of working with in the EU and is able to advise on legal issues and procedures.

He has a son who attnds Glebeland as well as two older boys who also came here so he has known us for a long time!

Peter is also a member of the Finance Committee. 

Peter can be contacted at p.lambert@glebelandschool.org

Mrs Susan Deacon

Sue is a former member of the Glebeland teaching staff.  She worked here for seven years before retiring but has now returned as a valued member of the Governing Body.

Sue is also a member of the Curriculum and Development Committee.

Sue can be contacted at s.deacon@glebelandschool.org

Miss Jemima Williams

Jemima is a member of the current teaching staff here at Glebeland and serves on the board as Staff Governor.

Jemima has taught our Reception Class for the past three years.

Jemima can be reached at j.williams@glebelandschool.org

Mr Alan Williams and Mrs Clare Williams - Joint Headteachers

Alan and Clare currently share the role of Headteacher until Alan retires at the end of the academic year.  Clare will then take over as full time Head.

Alan or Clare can be contacted at head@glebelandschool.org

Mrs Suzie Remblance - Clerk to the Governors

Suzie is based at Mendham School and can be contacted via the school office or at clerk@glebelandschool.org