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Our Aims and Values

The Aims and Values of
Glebeland Community Primary School

The aim of Glebeland Community Primary School is to help each and every pupil to grow and develop to his or her full potential in terms of academic achievement, aesthetic appreciation and spiritual awareness.

This will include aiming to:

  • Provide all pupils with a stimulating environment where children enjoy learning
  • Provide a relevant, balanced and broadly based education within the framework of the legal requirements, including the National Curriculum
  • Ensure that all pupils receive equal access to, and involvement in, their learning

The values we wish to encourage in our pupils are:

  • Tolerance and understanding with respect for rights, views and property of others
  • Positive attitudes and relationships that will help them to live and work successfully in the world beyond school
  • A desire to bring credit upon themselves and their school through their good behaviour and to develop responsibility for their own actions and attitudes.
  • A desire to do their best in all areas of work and play

The values we apply to the work of the school are:

  • To provide a happy, caring community where children and staff can look forward to coming to school each day
  • To offer a secure learning environment where the pastoral needs of the children are responded to with care and confidentiality
  • To work to develop the highest quality professional planning, preparation and provision for the pupils in our care.




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